VITA: noun [feminine] pronounced vee-tah /’vita/ meaning: life 
ATLETICA: noun [feminine] /a’tlɛtika/ meaning: athletic
Based in Hermosa Beach. The brand was created in 2018 by Jason, Maria Kusar and Aimee Meyers and centers on the basis of family. My partners are two of the strongest women I know. They also happen to be my wife and sister. I have been blessed to have grown with them throughout the years and witness the power of these strong, confident women. We wanted to create a product that felt great and improved confidence. We offer luxe, performance apparel. Our cutting edge designs/styles and materials help you look and feel confident, strong and beautiful. The women at Vita Atletica live in their leggings and wanted to create pieces that make you LOVE what you wear.

We wanted clothing that when put on made you feel stronger, more confident, comfortable and free. The goal was superior quality, and after painstaking time and effort, we believe we have accomplished this. All of our leggings are branded with the Vita Atletica gold emblem designed as a symbol which represents our mantra -

Be Fierce. Be Strong. Be Confident. Be Kind. Be You.

 Remember these words when you see the gold, and know WE are with you. Our logo represents unity, strength and beauty in all who proudly wear our products. 
Whatever your day-to-day lifestyle, from sun-up to sun-down, at the gym, dropping kids off at school, running errands, heading to class or grabbing a bite after a long day at the office, Vita Atletica apparel will flatter your figure and embrace your curves. Simply put, we want you to feel comfortable all day.

Our mission is to empower women everywhere to embrace your strength and beauty, lift each other up in positive ways and support one another.
Vita Atletica is about YOU and YOUR LIFESTYLE.
Whatever your journey -

Be Fierce. Be Strong. Be Confident. Be Kind. Be You.

Sempre Famiglia,
(Family Forever)
Jason, Maria, Aimee


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