Meet our Fit Expert --Team Forza--Famisha

Maria Kusar

Posted on April 08 2019

Meet our Fit Expert --Team Forza--Famisha

Insta: @fitdivafamisha

Age: 45

Hometown: Mesa, Arizona

Favorite Food:

Sushi...Unagi is my favorite sashimi!

Who inspires you?

My son INSPIRES me each and every day. He's only 12 yrs old, but already knows what he wants to accomplish when he grows up and trains hard every day for that dream and goal. He is a 4 time National Jr. Olympic Track & Field Athlete who works harder than any adult I know. I have been training my son since he was only 2 years old (we did "Fitness is Fun with your Kids" Youtube videos) and it has become a big part of his Lifestyle too.

What are two truths and a lie about you?

  1. My family is EVERYTHING to me and nothing else in the world is more important.
  2.  I am the true definition of a "Mama Bear".
  3. The lie is that "I love attention..." I hate when I walk into a room and everyone is staring at me. It makes me very uncomfortable, but because of my film/tv background and current monthly tv appearances, it's "assumed" I love attention," I HATE IT!

Which healthy activity is your current fav?

Practicing hot yoga once a week.

Other hobbies:

I wake up at 3:45am in the morning and train myself 6 days/week. I love dancing! I used to teach hip hop dance. I also enjoy reading a novel if I ever get a free moment and playing UNO with my family in the hotel during vacations.

What is your greatest achievement and how has it affected who you are today?

It's funny because 13 years ago, I would've said earning my degree from Chapman University and booking 9 national commercials, modeling gigs and acting jobs in LA. All of that pales in comparison to my GREATEST achievement to this day which is becoming Pry'nce Zander Millman's Mom. This kid of mine makes me PROUD in the person he is becoming, his work ethic, his honesty and his strong leadership skills.

As a woman, what advice would you give to your younger self to encourage and promote self-love?

Don't try so hard to be what you think EVERYONE else wants you to be. Embrace your height! When you become a woman, you will LOVE the fact that you may be the only woman in the room who is over 6 foot tall because it's part of what makes you unique and beautiful as a person. Be proud of your accomplishments because you worked hard for them, those who talk trash are the ones who wish they had the courage to do the things you've done in life to be a LEADER in your Industry... NO ONE CAN OR WILL INTIMIDATE YOU. You'll see Famisha!

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