Meet Jordan -- Team Forza -- She's Got Wings and a Gypsy Soul

Maria Kusar

Posted on April 07 2019

Meet Jordan -- Team Forza -- She's Got Wings and a Gypsy Soul


Insta: @jordansworldjourneys

Age: 24


I am a Gypsy, but currently, South Bay is where I call home.

Favorite Food:

Anything with peanut butter!

Who inspires you?

Karina Irby- Australian bikini designer. Owner of Moana swimwear. Actively promotes all sizes of bikini wearers on social media. Normalizing eczema, cellulite and stretch marks.

What are two truths and a lie about you?

- I have been to 14 countries.

- I have over 200 bikinis.

- I’m a nervous flyer.

Go-to song on your workout playlist?

Without Me - Halsey


Fav healthy activity:

I'm obsessed with Pilates at RockIt Body Pilates!

Hobbies: Bike riding on the strand, swimming in the ocean, dancing, trying new restaurants, finding the best margaritas, car karaoke.


What's your greatest achievement and how has it affected who you are today?

My biggest achievement so far has been getting hired by a Major US airline, finding an amazing career where my passions come together and it doesn’t feel like work... most days. Also, I have amazing co- workers who I have a blast with both at work or at home.

As a woman, what advice would you give your younger self to promote and encourage self-love?

Something I wish I could have told myself was just wait. Big booties are going to be very popular very soon! Love your body daily because you only have one and things can change in an instant. Be grateful for your healthy body. Everything in moderation, live life fully! Last but not least, If you can’t tone it, tan it but always wear sunscreen!

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